Participation of Sri Lankan Embassy at the Congress of the International League of Young Scientists on 21st May, 2021, Moscow region




Participation of Sri Lankan Embassy at the Congress of the International League of Young Scientists on 21st May, 2021, Moscow region

The Tea Promotion Unit of the Sri Lankan Embassy in Moscow took part at the Congress of the International League of Young Scientists on May 21, 2021, which surprisingly coincided with the date of the International Tea Day. The event took place at the boarding house of the prominent Lomonosov Moscow State University “Krasnovidovo” (village in Moscow region) and gathered around 100 young people from different parts of Russia, including representatives from Armenia and Kazakhstan.The organizers of the Congress invited all participants to celebrate the event and praised the initiative of the Embassy, as it was the first time in the entire history of International Congresses, representatives of a diplomatic Mission of a foreign country to collaborate with them. The Embassy representatives made acquaintance with young researchers from the International University Silkway (City of Shymkent, south part of Kazakhstan) and were invited to visit the International University Silkway in Kazakhstan as well.

During the breaks between working sessions, students were visiting the Ceylon tea counter to taste the pure Ceylon tea from various regions of Sri Lanka. A high interest towards tea culture on the part of the students was witnessed by the Embassy representatives. All visitors were given brochures and leaflets on Ceylon tea and everyone received a small pack of tea as a gift to celebrate the International Tea Day.

Mr Tishan De Silva, Third Secretary and his assistant, Ms Marina Stabrovskaya were represented the Embassy at this event.

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Registration of Organic / Bio fertilizer Manufacturers and / or Entrepreneurs






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“Ceylon Tea: An Industry Gold Standard” - An Exclusive International Tea Day Promotion with Art Plus Magazine




“Ceylon Tea: An Industry Gold Standard” - An Exclusive International Tea Day Promotion with Art Plus Magazine

The Embassy of Sri Lanka in Manila, in collaboration with Art Plus Magazine and the Sri Lanka Tea Board, organized an exclusive social media feature on Ceylon Tea in line with the globally-recognized celebration of the International Tea Day every 21st of May.

Art Plus Magazine is a premier visual art magazine in the Philippines which has expanded its content to feature culture and other disciplines such as music, film, dance, theater, the culinary scene, as well as areas of luxury and fine living. Its clientele is comprised mostly of upscale enthusiasts and connoisseurs who enjoy the benefits of tea in its purest form.

 The video feature commenced with the introductory remarks of Ambassador Shobini Gunasekera which centered on Sri Lanka’s unique features that made tea cultivation in the country the best in the world. Subsequently, prominent Ceylon tea varieties were showcased in an in-depth presentation from the Sri Lankan Tea Board.

Equilibrium Intertrade Corporation, the exclusive distributor of Dilmah Tea in the Philippines, also participated with a brief company and tea products presentation. The company also allocated premium tea gift packs for five (5) viewers as a way of further enhancing the feature’s promotional mileage.

Ceylon tea has been rapidly gaining popularity in the predominantly-coffee drinking Philippines as evident with the expansion of multiple foreign and local milk tea chains as well as the growing preference of consumers towards healthier products under the health and wellness trend. Notably, black tea consistently ranks among the top Sri Lankan exports to the Philippines with a significant percentage in the total exports to the country.

Embassy of Sri Lanka
24 May 2021

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Art x SL Embassy Manila



Seven flavours of Ceylon Tea celebrated in Melbourne on International Tea Day




Seven flavours of Ceylon Tea celebrated in Melbourne on International Tea Day

The seven regional flavours of Ceylon tea were celebrated in Melbourne, Australia today, in a special “Ceylon Tea Evening” organized by the Consulate General of Sri Lanka in Melbourne.

The event was attended by a multitude of distinguished personalities in Melbourne, including MP and the Co-Chairperson of the Sri Lanka Friends in the Victorian Parliament Craig Ondarchie, Chairperson of the Victorian Multicultural Commission Vivienne Nguyen, Executive Director of the Australian Intercultural Society Ahmet Keskin, Former Deputy Chairperson of the Australia Tourism Andrew Fairley, CEO of the Australian Tea Masters Sharyn Johnston, tea importers, members of the Consular Corps, bankers and media persons.

Addressing the gathering, Co-Chairperson of the Sri Lanka Friends in the Victorian Parliament Craig Ondarchie said he enjoyed Ceylon tea since his childhood and appreciated the opportunity provided to bring the multicultural Victorian society together with tea. Consul General Kapila Fonseka made a presentation followed by a video, promoting Ceylon tea. Iced tea prepared using Ceylon tea and warmly brewed pure Ceylon tea were made available for the guests to taste.

The Australian Tea Masters CEO made an arrangement of Sri Lankan regional tea flavours and a tasting session while introducing the seven single origin regional teas of Sri Lanka. The presence of the former Sri Lanka national cricket captain Tilakaratne Dilshan enhanced the visibility and glamour of the tea evening. He presented attendees with gift teas of his own Ceylon tea brand. Sri Lanka Tea Board made special tea masks were also gifted to the participants.

Sri Lankan airlines Manager in Melbourne S. P. Mohan who was present in the event made a presentation to the gathering about the Sri Lankan airlines services to Australia and around the world.

A symbol of Sri Lanka, “Ceylon Tea” is popular among Australians and this “Ceylon Tea Evening” was arranged to promote it further. The event was organized with the sponsorship of the Sri Lanka Tea Board.

Consulate General of Sri Lanka


21 May 2021

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SLTB celebrates International Tea Day today - 21st May 2021





SLTB celebrates International Tea Day today - Sinhala Article




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SLTB celebrates International Tea Day today



The Sri Lanka Tea Board is celebrating the International Tea Day which falls today.

SLTB said various tea producing countries were celebrating a tea day of their own, some classified as Black Tea Day and some categorised as Green Tea Day depending on the importance to each industry. 

The day was different from country to country. Sri Lanka and India used to celebrate on 10 December. However with the initiative of China who is making huge strides in the World Tea Industry, United Nations General Assembly declared 21 May as the International Tea Day. 

The Food and Agricultural Organisation Inter Governmental Group (FAO/IGG) supported this new idea of China to consolidate the date. The year 2020 is going to be the first occasion to celebrate the International Tea Day. 

Due to the coronavirus pandemic attacking the entire world, the event will not consist of outside celebrations or even indoor programs due to the necessity for social distancing and staying safely indoors as much as possible. Thus, it goes without saying that all commemorations needs to be through social and digital media, creating a token ceremonial platform in the tea producing and tea consuming countries the world over.  

The reason for celebrating the International Tea Day and creating a popular platform is multi-fold as explained below:            

1. The revenue generation from tea industry in most of the producer nations is significant and rather prominent 

2. Due to its labour intensive nature, a large working population is directly dependent on the tea industry of many countries. Therefore, the social impact is tremendous 

3. Even the affiliated supporting industries such as banking, shipping, printing, packaging, courier service, insurance etc. relies heavily on the tea industry of many manufacturing nations

4. In large tea producing and exporting countries, the success and failure of the industry has a major bearing on the ruling Government and could even change an election decision 

 In view of the foregoing, it is inevitable that a tribute has to be paid to a country’s tea industry which is a vital sector for the progress of its economy. The involved people need to be recognised. The supply chain players in the value addition cycle from the farmers to pluckers and right up to the brand marketeer given due cognition. So, this is a fascinating story where all the stakeholders in the tea industry could bravely “walk the talk”. 

In such a background, the Sri Lanka tea industry wishes to recognise few vital characters and crucial segmentation to pay tribute for the invaluable service and enormous sacrifices made to raise the popularity and perceived quality parameters to stardom:

  •   The sweat of the toiling workers is the green gold which ultimately serves the connoisseur to his or her satisfaction 
  • The tea stains on the fingers of the pluckers tell an unknown story which is unlimited in value 
  • A great story on uplifting women’s empowerment from birth to death 
  • Reliability, consistency and sustainability is the forte of the Sri Lanka Tea Industry now boasting of a 153-year heritage. These unique pillars have been the backbone of the island nation’s economy for many years 

The Sri Lanka tea fraternity salutes the brave and courageous workforce in the tea industry who are continuing to produce the golden brew to the satisfaction of tea connoisseurs globally despite the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown by retaining the required social distancing, sanitation precautions and protection through the wearing of face masks and sometimes, hand gloves.

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Tea industry continues with high crop, prices, and exports




 Here a d media article of what I posted three days back- Excellent performance by tea industry players, especially the exporters who have taken up the challenges such as high Frieght charges and lack of shipping space/ shortage of containers and stiff competition from low cost supplies of other origin teas - need to maintain the momentum by offering quality Ceylon tea packaging to discerning consumers world over without compromising quality.

Small holders continue to receive good income under difficult conditions including tea manufacturers however, the tea price per kilo may decline as there are some invoices with below best quality weathered teas offered by tea factories-

The negative side is I notice there are still some malpractices are being detected and stern action is being taken by SLTB to arrest d situation and improve consistency in d products quality thus maintaining Ceylon tea image with purity, naturalness and freshness.

Chairman - Sri Lanka Tea Board

Tea industry continues with high crop, prices, and exports

  • Q1 cumulative production totalled 74.03 m kg, up by 20.35 m kg
  • Production up 14.88 m kg in March, shows signs of recovery amidst pandemic
  • March export revenue up Rs. 13 b YoY to Rs. 24.54 b, 1Q revenue Rs. 65 b
  • FOB value of Rs. 950.81 ($ 4.86) highest ever
  • China exports soar by 160% YoY  

The tea industry witnessed a recovery amidst the COVID pandemic, with a substantial increase in production as well as in export volumes, brokers said this week. The country’s cumulative tea production in the first quarter totalled 74.03 million kg, recording a gain of 20.35 million kg vis-à-vis 53.68 million kg in the same period a year earlier. This shows signs of recovery with January to March gaining 20.35 million kg over the corresponding period of COVID-19-affected March 2020. On a cumulative basis, all elevations have also shown substantial gains, with the Low Growns in particular gaining 48% over the corresponding period of 2020.  The cumulative production of CTC teas in the first quarter totalled 6.58 million kg, recording a 1.26 million kg increase compared to 5.32 million kg of January-March 2020. In analysing the respective elevations, Forbes and Walkers said all elevations have shown a significant gain year-on-year (y-o-y) when compared to the corresponding period of 2020. The country’s tea production in March totalled 28.41 million kilograms (m kg), an increase of 14.88 m/kg compared to 13.53 m/kg in the same period last year. All elevations have shown substantial gains, with Low Growns in particular gaining 129% over the corresponding month of 2020. The total tea exports in March was 25.81 million kg, an increase of 11.99 million kg compared to 13.83 million kg in the same period a year earlier. When analysing the main categories of exports Forbes and Walkers said that all key categories of exports (Bulk Tea, Tea Bags and Packeted Tea) have shown a substantial increase compared to the corresponding period of 2020. In March, the total revenue of Rs. 24.54 billion shows an increase of Rs. 12.97 billion compared to Rs. 11.57 billion recorded in the same period a year earlier. The FOB value of Rs. 950.81 ($ 4.86) records the highest-ever FOB value, surpassing the previous highest of Rs. 940.09 ($ 4.87) recorded in February this year. When compared to Rs. 836.74 ($ 4.60) of March 2020, records an increase of Rs. 114.07. The cumulative exports in the first quarter totalled to 69.89 million kg, showing an increase of 10.31 million kg compared to 59.58 million kg recorded in the same period a year earlier. Forbes and Walkers said that once again all main categories of exports (Bulk Tea, Tea Bags and Packeted Tea) have shown an increase compared to the corresponding period of 2020. The revenue generated in the first quarter was Rs. 65.62 billion, an increase of Rs. 16.38 billion vis-à-vis Rs. 49.23 billion in the same period last year. Total FOB value of Rs. 938.97 ($ 4.87) shows a gain of Rs. 112.58 compared to the Rs. 826.39 ($ 4.57) during January to March in 2020. Turkey retained the top position, as the major importer of Ceylon Tea, followed by Iraq and Russia with China occupying the fourth position. Iran, which has moved down to ninth position from the fourth position it occupied in 2020, records a fairly substantial decrease in imports during the first quarter of the year. Other noteworthy importers include the UAE, Azerbaijan, Libya and Syria. Meanwhile, destinations such as Saudi Arabia, Chile and the USA have recorded a fairly significant decrease in imports during the period under review. It is noteworthy that exports to China have increased substantially (160%) Y-o-Y.


Source : Daily FT

Sri Lanka Tea Board Participates at “PRODEXPO-2021” in Moscow



Sri Lanka Tea Board Participates at “PRODEXPO-2021” in Moscow

The 28th annual international exhibition of food products, beverages and raw materials used for its production – “PRODEXPO-2021” – kicked off on April 12, 2021 at the “Expocentre” in Moscow and lasted for five days until April 16, 2021. This year the “Expocentre” brought together 1554 companies from 42 countries specialized in meat and fish production, milk, cheese and ice cream production, tea, coffee, juices, etc. This year also Tea Promotion Unit (TPU) at the Embassy of Sri Lanka in Russia with the support of the Sri Lanka Tea Board participated and set up a Ceylon Tea stall. On behalf of H.E. the Ambassador, Prof. M.D. Lamawansa, the Ceylon Tea stand was officially opened by Mr. Mohamed Anas, Charge d' Affairs of Embassy of Sri Lanka in Russian Federation, along with  Mr. Tishan de Silva, Third Secretary (Tea Promotion) and Sri Lankan embassy staff.

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Prodexpo is Russia’s largest trade show in terms of exhibition space, professional interest and market coverage according to the Russian National Exhibition Rating and it could be recognized as one of the major sources for networking and establishing business links between different companies and countries.

The famous Ceylon tea brand “Jafferjee Brothers” also participated at the exhibition displaying their products at the next-door booth.

The Ceylon Tea stall attracted hundreds of visitors, which was featuring teas from seven unique regions in Sri Lanka and some of major tea grades popular in Russia. Visitors were offered a fresh cup of Ceylon tea by Russian tea demonstrators dressed in traditional Sri Lankan Osari.


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Ceylon Tea demonstration and tasting in South Africa



Ceylon Tea demonstration and tasting in South Africa

The Sri Lankan High Commission in South Africa, in collaboration with the Sri Lanka Tea Board, organised a “Ceylon Tea demonstration and tasting” event at Brooklyn Mall on 27 March 2021. Representing the tea traders, two leading Ceylon Tea brands in South Africa, Dilmah and Basilur, joined hands with the Mission to demonstrate their new and existing products.  

Ambassador of Russia Ilya Ragachev, Ambassador of Iran Mehdi Agha Jafari, and High Commissioner of Mauritius Dr. Prakamarjith Vijaye Lutchmun participated in the event as the special guests. Many Ceylon Tea lovers in South Africa visited the event and experienced the new varieties of Ceylon Tea.  

The average total consumption of black tea in South Africa is 27,000 metric tonnes per year, while Sri Lanka is contributing 10% of the total demand. The hot beverage market in South Africa is worth $ 600 million per annum and black tea comprises 5.8% of the market.

Apart from Sri Lanka, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, and Kenya are the top tea-exporting countries to South Africa; altogether, these countries export 14,000-18,000 metric tonnes of tea per year. Five Roses is the top tea brand in South Africa, having more than 50% of the market share, which produces a number of tea varieties including the Ceylon Blend and Pure Ceylon Breakfast Tea.

Tea Demonstration in South Africa


The key challenge faced in the South African region is the low consumer interest in Ceylon Tea, as coffee dominates in the hot beverage market. Therefore, to penetrate this market, it is necessary to conduct strategic promotions to uplift the interests of the different consumer groups. Increasing per capita income in this region may open new market segments for value-added tea. The tourism industry should be the next target market for Ceylon Tea which accounts for 25 million annual arrivals.

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