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Registrations & Renewal Process of Sri Lanka Tea Board

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Registrations & Renewal Process



Registrations & Renewal Process of Sri Lanka Tea Board

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‘‘Ceylon Tea’’ - The Official Overseas Sponsor of Sri Lanka Cricket

‘‘Ceylon Tea’’ - The Official Overseas Sponsor of Sri Lanka Cricket

Two of the most powerful brands in the island of Sri Lanka could boast as global leaders is Ceylon Tea and Sri Lanka Cricket. One of the greatest industries the country is famous for is its tea industry which employees more than 2 Million people (10% of the population) and bring in a revenue of 1.5 Billion US Dollars which covers the entire food import bill of the Nation. ‘‘Ceylon Tea’’ being endorsed by its other   world famous product ‘‘Sri Lanka Cricket’’ ids in a wining position in driving Brand Sri Lanka globally. The marriage of the Two Lions will be historic.          

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An historic event took place when Ceylon Tea concluded an agreement with Sri Lanka Cricket to sponsor the National Men’s & Women’s Cricket Teams for the next three years commencing from June 2013.  This is the first time ever that a Government Organization with one of the most famous global brand was selected as the official overseas sponsor of the cricket team at a value of US$ 4 million for three years.

"Sri Lankan Tea and the national cricket team has been able to bring honour and fame to the country. We are proud to sponsor Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) and we are thankful for the support given by Sports Minister Mahindananda Aluthgamage" said Plantation Industries Minister Mahinda Samarasinghe speaking on the occasion of the sponsorship announcement.



cricket5 Plantation Industries Minister Mahinda Samarasinghe shaking hands with Sports Minister Mahindananda Aluthgamage. during exchange of sponsorship Agreement)

cricket6Sri Lanka Tea Board Chairperson Janaki Kuruppu is shaking hands with SLC Chairman Jayantha Dharmadasa during the cheque presentation.)

"The Sri Lanka Cricket team is one of the most loved cricket teams in the world. Our aim is to regain the Cricket World Cup in 2015. By sponsoring the national team, Minister Samarasinghe took a challenging task and it was successful. "Ceylon Tea" will be the official sponsor for team when they play international matches abroad.

It is indeed significant that Sri Lanka’s best known two global brands – Ceylon Tea and Sri Lanka Cricket joined hands to take the nation to the next level.  The Sri Lanka tea industry is almost 150 years old.  Similarly cricket was played in the island for more than one and half centuries.  Co-incidentally both these national products were introduced to our country by the British during the colonial days.  Thus, similarities between Ceylon Tea and Sri Lanka Cricket are many.  The opportunities for global promotion of both these products are enormous.  Hence, the new marriage is definitely a formidable one.


(The New T-Shirt which the Sri Lanka National Cricket Team will  wear at future overseas matches with Ceylon Tea Logo - Minister Mahinda Samarasinghe with Sports Minister Mahindananda Aluthgamage display the T-shirt )


We are ready to show the positive outcome of this sponsorship within a year or so" said Sports Minister Mahindananda Aluthgamage. Plantation Industries Deputy Minister Earl Gunasekara, Sri Lanka Tea Board Chairperson Janaki Kuruppu, Secretary to the Ministry of Plantation Industires Sudharma Karunaratne, Sri Lanka Cricket Chairman Jayantha Dharmadasa, SLC Secretary Nishantha Ranatunga, SLC Acting CEO Ashley de Silva, Additional Secretary to the Ministry of Plantation Industires Wimal Jayawardena and several other officials participated for the occasion.

It is understood that 62 Million TV viewers worldwide would be watching the international Cricket Tournaments coming up during the next 12 months.  Thus, the new opportunities created for Ceylon Tea are tremendous.






A chance to flavour the Best International Ceylon Tea Brands

Tea  Sales Centre is open from 9.00 am to 4.00 pm - Monday to Friday (except public & mercantile holidays )  to encourage local consumers to use branded, quality tea varieties.

The Tea Sales Centre at Sri Lanka Tea Board head office premises on Galle Road, Colombo 3, opened for the public to purchase good quality Ceylon Tea.  The Sales Centre has the widest range of Ceylon Tea brands  available in overseas markets,  for sale to the local consumers encouraging them to  use branded, high quality tea varieties without going for unbranded loose teas.

 At the Sri Lanka Tea Board Sales Centre, the consumers not only get to select among the best and widest range of Ceylon Tea brands they also get to see the diversity and variety in the tea category available today in the convenience of one place.






The unbranded loose teas available for sale in the local market are often of poor quality and conditions of its’ storage lead to further deterioration of its’ quality as it is open to air and other contaminants and there are unscrupulous traders who sell adulterated tea and even factory sweepings,” Therefore if consumers want to enjoy a perfect cup of pure Ceylon Tea, you should always make sure that you purchase a good quality, branded variety of tea. With the increase in tourist arrivals in the country we feel it is of utmost importance that the tea available in the Sri Lankan market and of the same global standards.

The teas produced in Sri Lanka vary from small leaf to long leaf teas and from light fragrant cup character to strong, bright coloury cup character. Most of the tea brands and blends in the world market have been enhanced by a percentage of Ceylon Tea. The main characteristics of Ceylon Tea are – rich, mellow flavour, golden color and pleasant natural aroma, which ensure its popularity whenever Ceylon Tea is drunk.

Under the umbrella of Ceylon Tea, the country produces 7 different regional flavours which depict the diversity of our agro climatic conditions.   The 7 regional flavours named, Nuwara Eliya, Uva, Dimbula, Uda Pussellawa, Kandy, Ruhuna and Sabaragamuwa very in strength, colour and flavour to suit different moods of the discerning consumer.  




Average price to be Utilized for CESS computation on bulk tea for the month of May 2019 per Kilo will be, Rs 587.58 (Un-weighed).
* Cess calculation is proceeded based on unweighted average of weighted averages.
Year - 2019
Month Weighted Un-Weighted
January N/A 588.13
February N/A 580.16
March N/A 581.90
April N/A 588.10
May N/A 587.58
Year - 2018
Month Weighted Un-Weighted
January N/A 638.88
February N/A 626.11
March N/A 632.63
April N/A 637.95
May N/A 625.28
June N/A 612.82
July N/A 601.05
August N/A 570.10
September N/A 543.18
October N/A 538.32
November N/A 538.95
December N/A 564.85
Year - 2017
Month Weighted Un-weighted
January  N/A 568.65
February N/A 582.04
March N/A 588.68
April N/A 597.95
May N/A 619.45
June N/A 645.74
July N/A 639.94
August N/A 614.36
September N/A 596.67
October N/A 601.40
November N/A 623.68
December N/A 643.37
Year - 2016
Month Weighted Un-weighted
January       400.87          401.32
February 414.37 414.42
March 413.54 413.63
April 407.47 407.41
May 408.41 407.95
June 418.25 420.91
July 441.88 438.81
August N/A 442.62
September N/A 444.86
October N/A 465.39
November N/A 495.79
December N/A 534.10
Year - 2015
Month Weighted Un-weighted
January 442.79 442.82
February 440.42 440.38
March 433.98 433.59
April 421.36 421.22
May 416.72 416.97
June 412.85 412.00
July 401.36 402.45
August 398.63 398.45
September 400.21 400.19
October 393.31 392.77
November 375.47 376.85
December 378.09 379.16
Year - 2014
Month    Weighted  Un-weighted
January 491.62 491.29
February 492.83 492.94
March 504.07 503.98
April 495.25 495.81
May 475.89 475.85
June 466.93 466.97
July 470.70 470.84
August 471.46 471.91
September 461.41 461.80
October 427.94 430.30
November 460.46 459.95
December 443.32 443.71


Year - 2013
  Average Price per Kilo (Rs.)
Month      Weighted        Un-weighted
March   441.74
April 423.06 423.01
May 432.33 432.21
June 434.60 434.86
July 421.97 422.21
August 411.80 411.71
September 412.03 411.75
October 427.94 430.30
November 460.46 459.95
December 486.29 485.36

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