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Sri Lanka Tea Board organizes its first ever Photography Competition to commemorate 150th anniversary of Sri Lanka Tea Industry under the theme “ RANDIYA SEYA-2017”

Hence, Sri Lanka Tea Board invites the participation of eminent, versatile and imaginative photographers in this programme ,thereby their genius creative ability could be ascertained and evaluated. Tea Board inter alia hopes to create stimulation about the Art of Tea Drinking in Sri Lanka among the community while recognizing   The art of Sri Lanka Tea from an aesthetic angle through this competition.


A.Sri Lankan Tea Drinking Culture

Drinking Tea is the most widespread thirst-quencher second only to water. The fact that it has become part and parcel of daily life style of most of the community of the world is no secret.

In Sri Lankan community too Tea Drinking plays a prominent role, in various social functions, as a daily domestic routine and offering a cup as the most common way showing hospitality and friendliness.

Entries to This category should be edited or unedited photographs which portray episodes of people who have incorporated tea into their everyday lives.

B.Tea Manufacturing Culture.

This year we commemorate 150th anniversary of Tea Industry which was introduced to Sri Lankan community in 1867AD.

The popularity gained by the brand name “Ceylon Tea “throughout the world is tremendous. The volume of foreign exchange generated through the export of Tea has been remarkable. Further Tea Industry gainfully employs directly and indirectly over 1.5 million .

The tea pluckers, planters, employees and owners of Tea Factories, Tea tasters, Tea Auctioneers and Packers all as one shed their sweat and employ their labour generously and loyally in order to preserve the superiority of the trade name “Ceylon Tea “and its perpetuity .Tea Industry is their life blood.

Entries to This category should be the photographs which show community life styles in connection with tea industry, sub culture of tea industry, Landscapes and relief features of Tea Plantations, photographs that were published or unpublished new items in Mass media   in relation to Tea Industry in Sri Lanka.

Both edited or unedited photographs which depict any cultural aspect of Tea Industry would come under this category.

Tea Board expects the participation of Sri Lankan students, amateur and professional photographers in this programme.

Closing Date: 2017.11.20

Rules and regulations of the competition

01.Application forms for this competition may be downloaded from the website Tea Photographer or could be obtained from IT Division of Sri Lanka Tea Board Head Office at 574,Galle Road, Colombo 3 and following regional offices of Sri Lanka Tea Board.


Bandarawela 057-2222812
Galle 091-2232052
Matara 041-2222636
Mathugama 034-2247444
Ratnapura 045-2222136
Gampola 081-2352279

2.No fee will be charged to enter the competition. Closing date for the acceptance of entries will be 20th November 2017. Duly filled application together with your entries should only be handed over to Sri Lanka Tea Board, Head Office, IT Division or mail duly completed application along with digital copies before the closing date to (email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .)

03.Persons or family members of the organizing committee of this competition, are not eligible to participate in this competition.

04.Applicants can submit their entries to both categories of his or her choice but the maximum number of works could be submitted under each category is eight(8).

05.Photographs submitted may be in colour or monochrome. The shorter side should at least be1200 pixcel and it should be compatible to JPEG Format The category and the title of the entry should be clearly indicated.

                Example:                             Tea Manufacturing Culture - if 3rd photograph.

                                                           B-3-Tea Culture.jpg.

06.If DVDs or CDs are to be handed over it is the responsibility of the applicant to see that they are submitted with proper packaging, so as not to cause any damage to them. “Randiya Seya” should be clearly written on the top left hand corner of the package/envelope which contains the photographs and the application and should be handed over to IT division,Sri Lanka Tea Board ,574,Galle Rd. Colombo.3

07.Photographs published in a newspaper or a magazine may also be submitted .The date published and the name of the newspaper or magazine should be clearly mentioned in the application.

08.Sri Lanka Tea Board is not bound to return the DVDs and CDs which contain photographs submitted for the competition.

09.The photographer shall retain the ownership of the all entries submitted for this competition and Sri Lanka Tea Board reserves the right to use them for promotional/publicity purposes.

10.Selections in all categories will be done by a eminent panel of selectors and their decision with regard to the winning entries will be final.

11.Tea Board reserves the right not to award any prize for either categories if suitable entries are not found

12.Photographs taken by another person or down loaded from internet or obtained from any other source are not entitled to submit for this competition.

13.The following facts will be given special attention by the Panel of Judges in selection.

  1. Originality
  2. Creativity
  3. Photographic

14.QualityParticipation in the competition will be treated as having accepted and agreed to be bound by the rules and regulations of the competition.

15.Sri Lanka Tea Board shall retain the right to make policy decisions and the final responsibility on “Randiya Seya-2017” Photography Competition.

16.”Randiya Seya-2017”Photography Competition and exhibition will be held on 08th Friday, December, 2017 at Nelum Pokuna Theatre premises.

17.Arrangements have been made to award the certificates on the same date at the “Tea Award Ceremony” under the patronage of His Excellency the President of Sri Lanka.

Entries will be subjected to reject in following instances

Printed color or black and white borders should not be appeared around the photographs and the photographs with water marks, dates, signatures or names will be rejected. Laminated, framed or mounted photographs will also be rejected.

Photographs should be in accordance with the rules and regulations of Tea Plucking introduced by Sri Lanka Tea Board.Entries Contravene this will be rejected. (Ref Annex)

Any photograph that would cause any harassment or embarrassment to any individual or persons is not entitled to submit for the competition. The entrant is responsible for any issue in this regard.

Photographs received after the closing date and which are not in comply with the requirements of the rules and regulations will be rejected without any prior notice.

Awards and Cash prizes

First, second and third prizes for both categories A and B will be comprised as follows:.

1              First Place         -              Gold Award and       Rs. 50,000

2              Second Place     -              Silver Award and     Rs. 30,000

3              Third Place        -              Bronze Award and   Rs. 20,000

In additions 20 Merit Certificates and Rs.5000.00 will be awarded for each category.

The above document is the only decisive document for the “Randiya Seya-2017” and the scheduled application is also a part of this document.

Any clarification on “Randiya Seya-2017”could be obtained in future from IT Division of Sri Lanka Tea Board” in writing or through telephone. Sri Lanka Tea Boards shall reserve the right for defining, revising, rescinding this document or compiling a new document.